Sunday, March 24, 2013

How cool is that?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a result of participating in the 2013 International Speech and Table Topics contest in Division B areas 20 and 23 I am pleased to say that...

Mr. Mike Mashresha and I have both won awards in our respective Area contests.  How cool is that?  Mike in the International speech and I in the International Table Topics contests.  The speech contest is straight forward speaking about anything you care to reveal in five to seven minutes.  Practice, practice, practice and originality is the key to a great contest speech.  Mike was brilliant equating mathematical equations with the success modules: knowledge and hard work.  By using the alphabet and the numeric system as a percentage A=1 and Z=26 add the letters of the word knowledge and you get 96%.  Add up the words hard work and you get 98%.  But if you add up what ATTITUDE equals it is 100%.  A truly brilliant contest speech that Mike worked hard on performing in front of us [his club] many times.  Also factoring in Mike's charming and funny personality how could it not win something?

My mother was visiting me so she got to see me speak in public in a contest environment.  And a brand new member to our Adventurers club #7488 Miss Florence attended to wish me luck buy surprising me with a beautiful peach colored Rose.  It appears that love and support worked - How cool is that?

Table topics however is extemporaneous speaking on an unknown topic for 1 to 2 minutes.  All contestants had the same question after being isolated from the contest area to avoid cheating.  The question was: Of all American Presidents which one influenced you and why?  Well presidents are not my subject of expertise so I dare not speak for any length of time about Warren Harding or Rutherford B. Hayes so I chose Bill Clinton for two reasons; his charming personality and his humanity.  I don't recall too much detail after that because I was speaking on pure adrenalin but whatever I said earned an award with wings.

My Toastmasters mentor who now resides in The People's Republic of China even called to congratulate me on the win.  How cool is that?

In conclusion, push yourself to be better and jump outside of your comfort zone to try new things you just might earn your wings.


  1. Email from Laurie:
    "Congratulations Dale!!"

  2. An email from Phil:
    "Wayne, please extend my congratulations to Dale. i know you and Bunny are proud."



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