Friday, November 2, 2012

In All Circumstances

I love listening to Pastor Joel Osteen.  No not because NOW he's more popular than ever and not because he's one of Oprah's new favorite people.  It's because of these things:

1) he's profoundly quite
2) the cadence in his voice is oddly soothing and
3) before each broadcast he likes to start with something funny.  The way he delivers a joke is not side splitting but he sure can deliver a punch line in a very comical way.  And I so appreciate his effort.

I signed up to receive his "Today's Word" daily emails.  Well today's word is appropriate for what I experienced last night.  That word is give thanks in all things NOT for all things.  My friend L informed me of her new private life as a stand up comedian.  Her graduation night was a live performance at a comedy club, last night.  Several weeks ago we arranged that I would carpool with her mother to avoid much back and forth driving.  Jump forward to a few days ago when a friend of mine, A, invited me to a event on the same night.  I didn't have an opportunity to turn down the offer due to prior plans because my friend prepaid for the event and told me to attend it in an email.  She said that I'd have fun.  The night before L's performance her mom called me to ask what time I'd come by to pick her up, after organizing times, distance traveled, etc.  I told her to expect me at 7:00 pm.  Not wanting to waist A's money and kindness I was happy to discover that the surprise event began at 5:00 pm.  SCORE! I can attend both events as long as I leave in enough time to travel.  I had  three hour window so it was possible.  I got to event #1 @ 4:45pm sharp, waited on line to enter, ID in hand, et al.  I looked at the time, it was only 5:00pm, I was happy that I was brilliant enough to make great time so I made a B-Line to the cocktail area not to take the "edge off" or anything like that.  It's because I like a good cocktail at an event.  I shouldn't tell you all that I drank and drove but I DID.  Look people it was a girly light cocktail, not a hard liquor drink.  I walked around the event to spend enough time to be there mentally before I had to scurry to my car to jump on the freeway not to be late for L's mother.  As I made one revolution around the event I saw an old friend who I had a feeling would be there.  We hadn't seen each other in over a year so we chatted and had our girl talk.  After that I B-Lined out of there and was on the road again by 6:10pm.  Darn! twenty minutes off schedule... I only planned to stay 45 minutes. I made it up by driving back streets way past the allowable speed and looking at traffic darted off and on the freeway, trying not to be late for L's mom.

Long story longer, when traffic was halted I called L's mom to tell her I'd be there at 7:15, she said that L was going to be the third comic up. PRESSURE!  That meant the show starts at 8:00 pm each comic gets 5 minutes so I had to have L's mom in the club seated no later than 8:10 pm. I got to the house at 7:23, L's mom was outside obviously annoyed with me.  My left [stroke affected] side was tense and curling which is painful.  We got on the freeway by 7:30, I was tense the whole way saying to myself  "this would be bad if we missed L's performance AND YOU have her mom in the car"  I wanted to make up excuses before we arrived but instead I had a moment of clear self talk, remembering who I was a fabulous woman who can do all things and in all circumstances, So I kept repeating "your speeding on the freeway with L's mom in the car, a ticket right now would be bad. Just relax and drive safely, breathe you're fine AND you're 10 minutes away from the club, plenty of time to be on time.  Breathe, you're fine, you're fine."

L's mom made a phone call so she was momentarily distracted, and obviously still annoyed with me. Actually her talking to her friend relaxed me because I didn't want to get into a conversation explaining my tardiness by 30 minutes especially since my surprise plan oddly affected her schedule.  "I can do all things, including attending two events in one night!"  Her conversation lasted almost until I pulled up in front of the club with 10 minutes to spare.  I dropped off L's mom at 7:50 exactly! A twenty minute drive.  I knew my driving skills were excellent :-) and I know LA pretty well after 18 years of experience.  Internally I calmly knew I'd get us both to the club in enough time to go through the velvet rope, to will call, to be seated and to breathe.   True doing all of this at the height of rush hour traffic in Los Angeles was not the smartest decision, however I knew in my intuitive nature that I COULD DO IT.

Night's end - I did what I wanted to do and kept my word on what I said that I would do.  I went to a surprise event, saw an old friend, got and shared the updates, received a great gift bag, had a cocktail - new to the market created by music icon Pharrell Williams; read more here [but I digress], got L's mom and myself to the club safely and on time to cheer her on.

L's was extremely funny and looked gorgeous.  We all had a fantastic night.  I got a hug from L and L's mom I then apologized about being tardy, L's mom forgave me and appeared not to be concerned at all because I was not the reason she missed her baby.  After all she didn't miss her baby but realistically she could have missed it if she had any other driver.  Although she didn't have time to get flowers for L, she was on time, and she witnessed her daughters graduation performance front row center!  I came through for us all and I couldn't be more grateful for all things, giving praise IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.  Leaving the club at 10:00 pm I got home in 15 minutes and was in bed by 11:00 pm ... exhausted.  Yup, it's true.

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
(1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV)

Thank You for giving me another sunrise.” As you give thanks in everything, you will see God’s hand move mightily on your behalf, and you’ll come out of that difficulty better, stronger and wiser than before
(courtesy of Joel Osteen ministries)


  1. Thanks for coming. You're energy was felt on the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. An email from Yvonne:
    "So proud of you !!! The Word says I (we) can do all things through Christ who strengths us.
    Love Mom"



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