Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Election

Okay people now that President Obama has officially won a second term AND all bipartisan folks must continue to work together AND regardless of your party affiliation we must be comfortable with the fact that the Republican party has "kept control of the House of Representatives" AND in the Senate Democrats are still the majority party, please know that the earth is still in axis rotation around the sun.  AND I urge you to chill for a bit by tapping into your sense of humor to read about my silly election day experience.

I thought I'd be one of three people to arrive at my polling station early. I got up at 5:00 am, the poll opened at 7:00 am.  I arrived at 7:05 am.  Surprised to find myself at the end of a line of 15, I then thought about if I should have driven rather than walk.  Inching toward the front door a ruckus broke out. It was a petty and funny altercation exchange of words between two "bipartisan" women.  One multi-lingual senior and one single-lingual middle ager.  Me and the man in front of me chuckled and just wanted to get on with exercising our right.  The dialog went a little something like this:

Senior woman making a peace sign Stock Photo      woman pointing and shouting Stock Photo       Bearded man Stock Photo
(Multi-lingual [ML] and single-lingual [SL] and Dude I'm just here to vote guy [DVG] photos courtesy of
ML: "I don't care what you say we are doing a great job at this location. We work hard here; it was a small mistake!"
SL: "All of you on line, God be with you, this place is a mess!  If I were you I'd find a different location or move fast through here!"

Me and the guy [DVG] in front of me had no clue what happened so we chuckled, and inched up slowly until it was our turn to sign in.

DVG: "Geez I wonder what all that was about?LOL"
Dale: "LOL, I have no clue but this is too much drama for 7:00 am, it'll blow over."
SL: (chatting to everyone in line as she's leaving) "Those volunteers are a mess! Just hope that this process will be over soon!"
ML: "I speak five languages.  All I did was speak to her in Armenian and she got so offended.  I must be prepared for many cultures."
Dale: (patting ML on her back calming her down) "No worries. It was a small thing. We are fine here don't worry, nothing is going to happen. LOL"
ML:  "Oh I know nothing is going to happen as long as I have this (tapping an item on her hip). It was a mistake, I looked at her and assumed she was Armenian so I started talking.  I speak five languages!"
SL: "They are crazy!" (continuing to speak to herself and people on line, as she exits)
ML: "I apologized to her.  I speak five languages."
Dale: "We've got your back.  You are doing a great job, you all are!  It's all fine."
DVG: "LOL what was that?  Is she packing heat? LOL"
Dale: "It looks like a pager or a panic button. Maybe a phone. We are peacefully here to cast votes."
DVG: "Well she was tapping it like it was a 9mm or something.  Geez!  LOL"
Dale: "Nah, we are all fine, nothing is going down here.  She's [SL] already over it and walking to her car."
DVG: "Man if I wanted this type of action I would have gone to see a movie."
Dale: "Tensions are high and some people just seek attention.  We must laugh and not give this any more energy."
ML: "LOL. Well you folks can walk right up to sign in here."
Dale/DVG: (simultaneously) "Thank you for all you are doing and have a great day!"

The moral of this election day theater is that when anyone starts speaking to you in another language just smile and say "I speak English, sorry."  And keep it moving... no swearing, no blood drawn, no deformation of character, no back talk.  Just smile and walk away.

That's all folks.

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