Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chicks and Girls... Partners perhaps?

I have three favorite TV shows right now.  My number one is currently on hiatus on HBO, that being "The Newsroom", this show I will write about affectionately in a forthcoming post.  My number two show is "Partners" [by the creators of Will and Grace I missed that phenomenon believe it or not] and my number three show listed but with no less love is "Two Broke Girls."  That's what THIS is post is about - a happy comparison.

During my college years I passed up many opportunities to drink beer and throw up all of the next day after a night for fornicating debauchery to study... ooh imagine that, but I digress.

I actually became interested in fine wine and beer at this fantastic stage in my life.  Wine is great - if you recall from an older post about my wine tasting trips here.  Anyway while researching artisan beer, several months ago I read about a business partners called The Beer Chicks. After I read about them I began to see their TV appearances.  After that I just had to sign up for their newsletter for tidbits about all things beer.  They even had a recent appearance on "Eat This, Drink That" for the Cooking channel.

I never liked the taste of beer only because I thought that my choices were [and no disrespect to] any version of Miller, Heineken, Corona, Sapporo, Asahi and Red Stripe (which I actually kinda like).  That is until I attended a beer tasting special event in downtown Los Angeles where they served what I now know to be Artisan or Craft beer, based on my own ignorance I was limiting my pallet to what was being done with hops, wheat and yeast.  My introduction to artisan beer was Caracole Amber Ale.  I remember this experience with detail because when the bottle was brought to my table the logo on the bottle was an illustration of a funny looking little snail holding a blade of wheat. Once I tasted it I forgot that it was beer because it was sweet, light and smooth. This Belgium beer is a complex spiced beverage with hints of orange peel and caramel.  Sounds yummy right?  Well it WAS!
Best Belgian and French beerMaui Brewing Compant CoCoNut Porter (photos courtesy of Google)
I also tried a Japanese beer called Hitachino Nest White.  This beer had notes of orange, ginger, pear and spice.  YUMMY TIMES TWO.  Now daring to try a dark ale I moved on to taste Maui CoConut Poter just knowing that it would be like Guinness (yuck) a bit too bitter for me but I was pleasantly surprised by the flavors of toasted coconut, vanilla and coffee.  YUMMY TIMES THREE...I was hooked!  And since stalking taking in all education tidbits from The Beer Chicks I never looked back.  After one in person meeting at a recent signing of their latest book these women instantly reminded me of my beloved Two Broke Girls. Both women were lovely and very friendly.  One is blond and bubbly and the other is brunette with an East Coast commanding vibe although she's from California.  Maybe I'm just purposely drawing an aesthetic comparison and by doing this I mean no disrespect at all.  Here are side by side photos:
  (courtesy of cbs.com) (courtesy of thebeerchicks.com)
While I know nothing about The financial status of The Beer Chicks whose names BTW are Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune I know that they are neither chicks nor girls, but partners for sure. They have two published books and are the goddesses of beer.  I use their second book, The Naked Brewer, as my beer bible; dog eared pages, highlighted sections and all.
     (photo of their first book in case you were interested)
While Two Broke Girls who work as waitresses to support their never quite launched cupcake business and cupcakes are yummy, The Beer Chicks are both beer sommeliers on their way to rock star status in the craft beer biz with an impressive walking knowledge of all the do's, don'ts, how to's and what beer to pair with what food endless recommendations.  Beer can be just as yummy as cupcakes.  Frothy deliciousness. Beer Is Good.

Bottoms up!

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