Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live and breathe!

Since I've been on my path of wellness, I keep the various conversations of my smart family and friends running in my head like an old Victrola. And with all of that dialog happening, there is no room for any negativity. After editing this I realize that this may read like I've turned into a person who claims to hear voices. Truly not the case. I'm not walking the streets talking to myself, I am simply replaying some of my favorite recent conversations about health, wellness and fun.

Belief comes from hearing things repeatedly. For example, "Look both ways before crossing the street" is something we've all grown up hearing from our parents so we do it and we are still safe. While in London several years back, I noticed the streets are painted with the words THIS WAY with an arrow pointing left- the direction one must look before crossing. I'm certain a few folks living in the "traffic flows from right to left" societies were hit by cars, so the local government had to find a solution to remind visiting pedestrians that the traffic in London moves from left to right. Now unfortunately, the pedestrians visiting London who were hit by on coming traffic now have a strong belief. Their painful experience forced them to play that old Victrola over and over for the rest of their lives. The differences between believing a thing, knowing a thing and living a thing are simple. We hear "look both ways" we do it, and we cross safely.

The records on my Victrola are all new: "Drink Kangen*/alkaline water [http://drfoster.h2origin.com/] ","Eat fresh bitter greens","Remember to laugh, see a movie or something to get out of your own head for a while." Because of that, life is full of new and interesting routines. Rather than shopping for food once per month, I shop several times per week due to incorporating fresh green raw foods in my diet. These items don't preserve well for long periods of time in the refrigerator so I make salads every day. EVERY DAY. Whew! Nor do I purchase as many beverages with high amounts of fructose or corn syrup as I used to. I drink Kangen*/alkaline water mostly. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment. Because of my flexibility I admit to subtle positive changes in my overall health. I've also retained the services of a quantum spiritual wellness coach [Dr. Daoud Foster aforementioned in my May 5th blog] into my life since I am no longer a candidate for hormone therapy (birth control pills). Frankly, I don't miss them. Those types of services may sound new to you but there are natural alternatives to the utilization of western drug therapies. And I am benefiting from my new education.

My greatest lesson to date is knowing that birth control pills are not the panacea that western medical practitioners have been taught to dole out to us women. Food is medicine for me, not the pills! I have learned through wellness coaching that my body can heal itself. So rather than being pissed about the past, I get outside to absorb as much vitamin D [sunshine] as possible and I attend social events as frequently as I can.

I haven't seen all of the new blockbuster films yet however I have attempted bowling and dancing post stroke. Bowling is different now but just as fun. I have to hold and balance a nine pound ball as well as create a new stance before I release the ball. For the past three months I've not worn my leg brace everyday in spite of an occasional foot drop. That is progress. It helps not having to force that thing into my bowling shoes. My pimp walk down the lane subjects me to enough lampooning to keep everyone entertained :-).

Dancing is interesting too. There is a great club happening once per week in Hollywood called Deep LA. Imagine old school east coast club and house music all night. Guest DJ's from New York, Chicago and Baltimore spin the tunes we 60's babies grew up listening to. My way of dancing is to be sure that my core balanced and move my hips to the music, sometimes my left foot remembers it's job, and sometimes not. Anyway my right foot provides a good balance so I attempt to dance like no one is watching and before long, three hours have passed and although my feet are tired, and my clothes are sweaty, me and my companions have had a ball. A friend recently suggested that I try rollerskating but I haven't quite worked up the nerve. Maybe one day. If that ever happens I'll be sure to post photos.

Meditation is a new routine that I like. I'm not talking about spooky, woo woo, new agey kind of stuff but rather a way to chill. This is what I do.

For at least 30 minutes a day I turn off all forms of communication and sit quietly. I also like meditation CD's. My preference are the one's where an instructor gives you directives in specific time frame. Directives like "breathe, close your eyes, imagine." [I once had a yoga instructor tell me that I was breathing improperly]. These directives assist me to shut out the world and get into my own head to be aware of my breath pattern and my body placement. Those directives take time for me to follow. Once I'm finally in the zone the instructor yanks me right out of my head by having me follow her instructions. Mental gymnastics woo hoo! Usually music accompanies the CD's. That music is tranquil and eclectic. Audible stimulation is the best. I'm not a fan of the digital sounds of water (like rain, streams, oceans) or nature ( like birds, crickets, wind). The way that I'm describing meditation may still sound woo woo to you but it's really effective for me. My current favorite CD puts me into another zone in about 10 minutes. Love, love, love that!

For some people meditation is prayer which is also excellent. My point is that whatever meditation means to you, do it and be well. Believe it, know it, live it and don't forget to breathe.

*The word Kangen is Japanese for "return to the origin." Kangen water is one of many brand names for alkaline water which is promoted as a healthier form of water with significant anti oxidant properties. At your leisure please visit http://drfoster.h2origin.com/ for more information.

**Now, I am certainly no nutritionist, nor am I a physician. I am no expert at all. I’m simply a woman who takes the advise from people in those fields and I apply what I’ve learned about my own health and wellness to my life. Please consult your personal doctor before you try anything that you read about in my current and future blogs.

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  1. Dale, I am in awe of you right now. Thru you and what's been going on within myself, I am more and more encouraged and believe I, myself am on the right path to a better me. I will take your pointers on the meditaion, and in the previous blog about hair/skin care.
    THANK YOU!!!



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