Monday, May 27, 2013

Bambooee and Eco Towel

Disclaimer:  I attended the 2013 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim CA which is how I knew theses products existed. As a blogger I can only speak to my personal experience with products and product representatives.  The following post speaks to only that.  I was not given any shipments of either product beyond what I received at the trade show.

If I did not see it with my own eyes I would think bull$^#* there is no possible way that you can use a paper towel to clean up spills of honey, ketchup, grape juice or oil, toss it in a washing machine to reuse it again and again - up to 100 times actually - and have it be just as strong and durable.

Well after two months so far and several machine washes I am still only using my first sheet of a roll of Bambooee.  I can say based on experience this product is a tremendous value for the durability. No bull$^#* at all.  In fact I've used it to clean to surface of my kitchen and bathroom counters, tossed it in with my whites and now I'm using it in place of my Swiffer sheets to clean the dust on my hardwood floors.  I only air dry the sheet-never put in in the dryer.  It's really amazing.  I was afraid to switch from food surfaces to the floor but it works great!!  it's still in one piece no holes, no fraying.  At the trade show I attended I received about 15 sheets of samples by their representatives; who were strong in numbers.  At least two reps at every door to give everyone 3 to 5 samples each; even more if you asked nicely.  So I guess I have the equivalent of an entire roll.

In case you are unaware of how incredible bamboo is here are interesting factoids.  It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, provided the climate and conditions are optimal.  Bamboo likes warm climates and healthy soil.  In spite of those conditions bamboo still thrives.  It is a species of grass that when harvested grows itself back.  It tends to die in near freezing temperatures but temperate bamboo hibernates and grows again in the spring.  It also produces flowers and fruits which can increase a rodent population.  Boo!  But bamboo shoots are a great source of nutrition of animal species like the Panda.  It has a 5 to 7 year life cycle and when broken down to the texture of material is quite soft but when used to build structures like pools or houses can be quite strong.  My friend who lives in Arizona has a built in /ground pool filled with salt water and lined with bamboo.  It's attractive withstanding imported salt water and the boiling sun rays of the desert.

Bamboo is a an item that I consider to be a freak of nature.  I have used bamboo as curtain rods in my home and have purchased under garments made from bamboo.  Now I'm cleaning my home with it and tossing it in the wash to reduce, reuse and recycle.  The three R's of being green.

One roll of Bambooee will cost about $20 for 20 sheets but when you wash each sheet 100 times multiply that by the amount of cash you currently spend on napkins and paper towels and how much you are saving the earth. 20 sheets replaces proximately 300 rolls of regular paper towels.  If a two roll package costs $2.39 at the drug store you spend $358.50 on 300 rolls of paper towels when you can spend maybe $40 tops buy rewashing the same sheets over and over.

Eco Towel has the same concept made by a different manufacturer.  But the outcome is the same.  A lovely product that is 100% biodegradable, washable/durable.  The only thing is their representatives were less willing to give out multiple samples for review.  I only received one sheet and I was happy to receive it because their demonstration was convincing and I love what they are doing for the environment.  After viewing their website several times I still have no idea what a roll of Eco Towels costs to purchase, after viewing their web site we are encouraged to contact a sales rep for more info.  Maybe this company has a very small to a zero budget for advertising which is why they were frugal in the product giveaway department  I'm just happy this product exists.

BTW, I've never tried the wildly popular Shamwow which apparently has much more cash in hand to produce infomercials and after some superficial research I don't know what material it's made of.  Regarding Bambooee and Eco Towel I like both products and recommend you all try either one.

...would love to see the day when theses products are wildly popular as well.

Bamboo rules!!!

Ecotowel Photo Stock 011 (280x420)

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