Monday, December 14, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

So what does one blog about when one has nothing to say.  Because of that I've been away.
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I've been having computer issues.  My cursor and touch pad drivers are bad.  My cursor just jumps around placing my text wherever it wants on a page.  This doesn't make edit post time crazy at all... My display driver crashes every hour or so, sometimes the computer shuts off completely sometimes it just recovers itself.  I may lose all that I typed [with one functional hand], I may not... depends on the day.  I've been on the phone six or eight times since May with Dell tech support.  Did I buy a dud laptop?  Was it a bad investment?  Is Dell an unreliable brand now, I've been loyal to them for years.  My man always tells me I should have purchased a MAC.  What is a hashtag?  How does Flickr work?  Blogger or Wordpress?  I dunno???
AYP1322992 - Woman with Computer ProblemZPP0004290 - titlepending
I'm in the middle of a career crisis.  I've been learning about and studying for an exam to be licensed in a completely different career.

PFP0002845 - Woman's hand marking in book, close-upThis also takes me away.  I'm excited but concerned...

...okay I'm scared.
BLP0057904 - African woman holding blanket over faceCBP1039657 - Panic Button
"I enjoy writing this blog and contributing thoughts/articles/devotions on Christian blogs. And I love to visit and comment on your blogs. But I feel guilty that I'm spending so much time doing that instead of studying. Even in this economy something must give.  15 months is a long time to have no income.
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No one really participates in Wordle Wednesdays, do I keep it or chuck it?  My father deletes them due to having 'no time' to figure them out.  Others might feel this way too.  I find them interesting but if I'm the only one, there's no point.  What is my blog really about?  Does anyone care?  So what, I had a stroke, I'm fine now - other than the annoying left sided weakness and pimp walk I deal with every day.
DVP0741076 - Portrait of a Man Wearing a Fur Coat, Gesturing
Who am I? What's my name? I'm supposed to have my life all figured out now. What is Stroke of Living really about?  Who cares?
I've gone through all of this...
ESP0004237 - Woman sitting in wheelchair holding headISP2142103 - Side view of a disabled woman
CBP1061160 - Patient walking frame in clinic
MWP0036904 - Man using walking frameBLP0035270 - Close up of senior African woman leaning on cane

in 6 months, three years ago.
PDP0337984 - Woman Driving a Car

Now that I've declaired this,
PDP0326197 - Detail of the Declaration of Independence

I desire this,
CCP0017903 - Mechanic

Okay I really desire this to maintain my independence. And to feel self actualized.
FAN9002064 - Businesswoman working

But employers are concerned about this, but it's none of their business.
CCP0021398 - X-Ray of Human Head

When they should be concerned about this...
FAN1002092 - A hitchhiker waits by the side of the road

But this is what they hire instead of me.  Hollywood (sigh).
OJP0012825 - Frazzled businesswoman talking on telephone

So I'll just continue to do these things until something presents itself to me.
ZSP0008162 - Woman reading stack of booksCOP0058904 - FAN2044214 - Student studying in library

Can you tell I've been having an odd couple of days???  UUggghhhh (growl!!!)


  1. Sorry for your down time, literally and figuratively, but you did get one great post out of it.

    You're right to prioritize and we support you (I'll speak for everyone...why not, right?) I just miss your presence.

    Why do you have to have your blog be about something? It's not really about your stroke, it's about you. 'You' is interesting. Stroke of Living is like Stroke of's not limited. You are not one to be limited.

    As far as Wordle Wednesdays...they are too hard for me. I'm not that worldly or wordle-y for that matter. I have had several attempts at features that didn't fly on my blog and I dropped them. It takes a long time to hit our stride. I'm not there yet. Shoot, I've only been blogging for 9 months. That is so junior varsity and I know it.

    Lower your expectations when it comes to blogging. It's supposed to be fun and a great outlet. Focus on your studies and pray for direction. He has a plan for you. You know it!

  2. I am sorry you are having a rough spot but I love this post!!! You are a great writer and have a lot of very interesting things to say! You can pace yourself but please don't stop blogging!!! BTW, I think blogging slows down over the holidays.

  3. I didn't realize where your blog title came from before now! It's so hard to figure out where to go with things sometimes. I hope that the answer becomes more clear to you soon!

  4. Hmmmm....sounds like you are at a turning point. I vote that you definitely keep the blog going - even after getting gainful employment, which will happen because you are a smart, interesting and competent doer.

    It it is a great outlet to meet other likeminded folks - or even non-likeminded folks to connect with. You can use it to vent plus it is a great creative outlet.

    Don't worry about commenting. Focus on your studies and put up posts whenever the spirit moves you.

    And if you are ever low on content, take a page from the Carma Sez book of Unsuccessful Blogging - and change your profile pic.

    P.S. What's up with your dad skipping the Wordles ;-)

  5. I was gonna say, you want to be a truck mechanic???? And I'm sorry but your "pimp walk" remark made me laugh. I've seen you strut your stuff and now that I think about it, I guess you do have a bit of a pimp walk. I'd work that if I were you.

    And yeah, just write whenever the muse strikes you and do what you need to do. When you need to do it. Lots of bloggers have blogID crises. And then we keep blogging. Or we take a break. Or just chuck it into the bloggy abyss. Blogging is supposed to be fun thing, not a stress thing, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Also? Yeah, get a Mac. (although my HP is holding up pretty well, too)


    - Margaret

  6. I'm sorry to hear you have been struggling. It is hard to find things to write about. And like NGIP said, just make sure blogging is still fun for you!

  7. Oh lady...we all get those days or weeks or years. Mine was 2008. My husband and I refer to it as The Lost Year. It sounds like you can make this a matter of prayer and sleep on it.

    My best, Lynn

  8. I think you're in desperate need of a good Christmas break Dale!

    Relax, unwind and enjoy yourself in the weeks ahead. Your computer will still be there when you get back!

  9. I anxiously await to read your post. You inspire me, make me laugh, and push my thinking. I may not post a comment but I'm hanging on every word. Thank you Dale...



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