Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday extra - take control over your own health

Days ago my friend K. sent an email asking me to give her information about birth control and stroke to guide another young lady whose gynecologist is doing what many gynecologists are doing - prescribing the pill without informing her of the risks while providing alternatives. That made me a little passionate.  Thus this post was born. I'm a pretty private person but when I come across good news I want to share it with everyone.  My good news forces me to expose myself  'a bit' in order to evangelize the importance of investigating alternative methods of healing your body when you are prescribed synthetic drugs.

For several months I've listened to and read celebrity endorsements of the designed term bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  And yes I watched that Oprah show as well.  I'm certainly no celebrity and I can't give you any more information about bioidenticals than you can find in Wikipedia, the actual Gray's Anatomy or the testimonials of Susanne Somers & Robin McGraw.  What I can tell you is that the argument is to reject the idea of organic remedies and embrace the popular term bioidentical hormone replacement therapy only because of the way in which these cremes are processed - in a lab.  I don't care to become consumed with the argument. I am presenting the fact that there is one. And I do care to give accurate information as it pertains to my experience that will hopefully encourage you to take control of your body and by extension your life.

What I would like to share is my personal experience with Micronized Progesterone [in an organic form].  That meaty scientific term is simply menopause creme.  I am a tad young to think about menopause because I can still have children so in my humble opinion the manufacturers can market this to women with my condition differently. They should call it heavy period and annoying cramps creme and put it in every Sephora in America.

This creme has caused a noticeable change in my health over the past three months.  It contains micronized progesterone [as "I mentioned], red clover extract, wild yam extract, dandelion root, dandelion leaf, aloe vera, purified water, chamomile and rosemary extracts, essential oils and red raspberry.  Evidentially this combination is powerful.  I needed to test this on myself over time before I felt comfortable enough to share this with all of you.  Micronized Progesterone is one of two female hormones reduced to particles so small that when applied to the skin it is absorbed right to the cellular level of the body.

Three years ago I had a stroke. After extensive testing the conclusion was that the stroke was due to hormone therapy in the form of oral contraceptives [birth control pills].  It is not necessary for me to share details about my personal medical history or which type of pills I was specifically taking because all types of synthetic birth control have risks and exposure of the pharmaceutical is not the objective.  My preemptive apologies about that because I know there will be a ton of questions as a result of this post.

My objective is to share the reason I was prescribed oral hormone therapy initially.  That reason was due to years of monumentally painful and heavy menstrual cycles, I was not taking birth control to prevent pregnancy.  Today I am happy to report that after three months of using the Micronized Progesterone creme my cycle is regulating nicely.  There are several companies that market menopause cremes.  I encourage you to research these products on your own.  I know for sure that if I had more information then about alternative [organic] therapies three years ago, I would not have had a stroke. Nor will I have another one. Now that I've taken my medical care into my own hands by living about an 80% organic lifestyle [eating more raw foods than canned, processed or frozen], by demanding that my MD's offer alternative remedies to me rather than prescribing pharmaceuticals and by retaining the services of a naturalistic physician who is also a master of homeopathy and natural medicine.  Whew!  By doing these things I haven't touched Plavix or Coumadin/Warfarin in well over a year.

Health is a lifestyle choice, ignorance is not bliss and believe it or not food is medicine.  Don't fear the fresh produce section of your grocer.  Dark leafy greens are your friend.  Cilantro and Parsley aren't just for garnish they are delicious in salads as the main leaf.  Throw in some dill, kale, garlic, walnuts, tomatoes, mint leafs and alfalfa sprouts with EVOO and apple cider vinegar as the dressing and soups on!

Three years ago all that needed to happen was that I was told about this organic creme made of a combination of plant & fruit extracts and progesterone [which is naturally occurring in women already] broken down to the molecular level that when applied to my face, wrists, hands and thighs would produce congruent results to pills.  And the results would be a lighter flow with practically no pain and improved skin. And all I had to do was choose?

In one hand - synthetic pills [taken everyday] that may or may not result in stroke[a clot or clots cause by a lack of oxygen to the brain], heart attack or death.  This was the only comfort I was offered along with tea and a hot water bottle.

In the other hand - organic creme [administered 25 days per month] with no side affects with the same results. I never knew this remedy existed.


[Disclaimer: this post discusses my personal experience. I am not suggesting or promoting any product in any way for you to try without express supervision from your personal physicians or health care providers.]

I dedicate this post to A. over at  I Wonder Wye a fabulous and brave blogger who is in the midst of sharing a series of posts that detail her ordeal of survival from a rare form of cancer called VHL dating back to 1984.   Now when someone shares information about their personal medical history in any form of communication they are exposing themselves.  And that is an uncomfortable and emotional place to be.  Because she has made that decision, I tell you, she is braver than I.   However she has her reasons for blogging about her illness and she deserves support.  If you choose to visit her blog to read about her ordeal I only ask that you do two things: 1) read in sequential order and 2) treat any comments [if you choose to leave one] with the delicacy she deserves.


  1. Good for you!

    I have often wanted to explore more natural remedies myself, but I'm married to a surgeon. This obviously complicates things somewhat.

    I also have thyroid trouble, which I believe stemmed from going through IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and taking so many fertility drugs over the years in an effort to conceive on my own. But who really knows....

  2. Good post -- plenty of food for thought here. I had to stop taking the pill after my first brain surgery. I try for homeopathic as often as possible, and also supplement allopathic with homeopathic and alternative therapies. One interesting thing that happened a few years ago was when I was going through peri and then menopause, I was still on Neurontin for RSD (reflex sympathetic dysthropy). My menopause symptoms were nill. Two years later I read a report scientists were testing whether or not this drug could be effective for the problems reported in menopausal women. I told my gyno that it had sure worked for me! Thank you for your comments. It has been a hard week but also cathartic. And perhaps some reader is wondering about symptoms she or someone in her family has and whether or not they could be related...

  3. I admire that you have taken complete control of your lifestyle and are taking the time to educate yourself rather than just going along with the doctors who are pushing pharmaceuticals. I really need to adopt healthier eating habits. I'm a nutritional work in progress. Great post.

  4. That whole paragraph that starts with "Health is a lifestyle choice..." is stellar! Don't fear the produce section - i love that! Too many people have been diluted to the point of just ignorant agreement with whatever their Dr.'s say or whatever new sparkly blue or purple product Proctor & Gamble just pushed out onto the market. Love your post. Love your blog. Now Followed!

    My best, Lynn

  5. Another great post Dale! I have never heard of any of this! Where have I been?!?

    I am going to spend the next 30 minutes following your links.


  6. chronic pain narcotic opioids are effective but very dangerous, should be taken with moderation and prescribed by a doctor, medicines like Hydrocodone, lortab, vicodin, norco, percocet, oxycontin, are even more commercial and very helpful to people with diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Parkinson's, arthritis, should be restricted and controlled as in findrxonline said that the FDA does not permit free marketing for them.

  7. I think you are definitely on the right track. I get really alarmed over the phamaceutical industry and how many pills people take. I'm just not a fan of pill popping, I'd much rather go the natural route whenever possible and it's s shame that they don't offer this as a viable alternative to their patients.



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