Monday, November 16, 2009

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Today I proudly and humbly announce my 5th blog award with no acceptance speeches [thank God right?]  I'll just say that it was given to me by the funny and sometimes irreverent Miss Carma of the fantastically cheesy blog Carma Sez.   Thank you dear, I appreciate you reading me and always making me LOL with your comments.  I dig your blog and encourage others who may not have heard of you to dig it too.   I'll have to pay it forward another day.  I'm actually looking forward to writing that post.  But I have to finish the thoughts of my post for today.

Speaking of which, last night I was invited to a screening of 2012.  [No real spoilers here] This film about the end of days is loaded with [never before seen special effects] and interesting symbolism.  Starting with brilliant scientists from around the world all concluding simultaneously in the year 2010 that the crust in the center of the earth is actually beginning to shift such that they follow the shift with responsibility but then reluctantly predict two years later in 2012 the earth will be impacted in a cataclysmic way never experienced before.  Continuing with Charlie Frost [played affectingly by Woody Harrelson] the quintessential street corner kook prophet who has not only been tracking the physical evidence of this occurrence but also the US governments plans of evacuation.   However he lives well funded but isolated in the valleys of Yosemite.  [Spoiler alert here: but please go and see it.] Ending with an actual evacuation stolen taken straight from the book of Genesis (7:1-24 to be exact). The folks chosen to be evacuated were "genetically chosen" and the folks who represented the 1% [the wealthy who could afford to be chosen above all others]. And finally a journey to habitate, repopulate and rebuild in the land where all life began because it is the only land surface that appears habitable through the devastation.

Symbol#1 - all brilliant scientists are called upon.  No clergy men or spiritual leaders of any kind are even considered council [the poor dali lama must fend for himself].  The world desires facts based on scientific data.  Faith plays no part in decision time. Charlie Frost the prophet does mention the rapture once.   Faith plays no part in government at all.  But the actions thereof plays a huge part in the global evacuation plan?

Symbol#2 - we have all encountered the unkempt street prophets who appear to be mentally unstable and aggressive. We walk right by them shooing them away, never giving them eye contact. Sometimes being rude to them.  They are in every city in America all reciting the same message.  Think about if these kooks street prophets are actually angels dispatched to live here to dwell among us. What if they are reminders for us to seek the truth before it's too late?

Symbol #3- to the original land of life we must return for a second chance to get it right.  To be born again.  Think of this Paris Hilton [are you kidding me?] and Cornell West chosen to survive and procreate for future generations.  Is that fair or smart?  Who decides who goes and who stays behind?  What ever happened to natural selection?

(?) Symbol #4(?) - I haven't quite figured out what the pickles mean!  It's a diet staple of one of the characters. Probably only for comic relief.

There have been many predictions about when the world will come to it's catastrophic end.  No figure has been more popular than Nostradamus about which to ponder this prediction.  And there is much propaganda that you can find on the internet about this topic.  The calendar from the Mayan civilization and the book of Revelation both take second place in the end days prediction category.  The Mayan calendar about which predicts the end of days to be on December 21, 2012.  The book of Revelation is filled with of signs and wonders.

Go ahead, discuss.  Talk amongst yourselves about the subtext of the film [if you've seen it], the symbolism and my fabulous award :-)

Monday extra - because today is actually movie quote Monday.
Here is a quote that I like because it is a great line and I love the way the actor Luke Goss delivers it,

"If you cannot command, then you must obey." from Hellboy II - The Golden Army


  1. Thanks for the props <3 <3 I shall do my best to continue to be irreverent ;-)

    I have not seen 2012 - Big wave movies freak me out. No Poseidon Adventure for me either :D

    Very interesting dissection of the symbols.

  2. I saw it with my husband this weekend. I have to say that we laughed at the constant...near death experiences., especially out running the earthquake.

    I have to admit that we didn't care for it too much. I wish they had made the disaster scenes more believable (content not the special effects.)


    Thanks for stopping son hasn't seen the pictures yet!LOL!

  3. I'm not much for disaster movies. I feel I get enough disaster when I watch the news.

    I love today's movie quote!

    There's an award for you over at my place.

  4. I haven't seen this movie, but I will admit that apocalyptic Hollywood flicks are like delicious junk food for me. I can ramble on all day about my love for Fellini or the genius of the Coen brothers but at the end of a long week, I'm more than happy to just sit and watch aliens destroy the White House or an iceberg encapsulate the Vatican.

    Thanks for your take on 2010 - you reminded me to go see it! :)



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