Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby steps

I must share the awesome evening that I had last night.  A dear friend of mine, G, invited me to join her and a few other fabulous women at a gospel competition called How Sweet The Sound, sponsored by Verison Wireless, my cell phone carrier [as I say with a puffed out chest as if Verizon were my brain child.]  Fifteen years ago Verizon Wireless used to be called AirTouch cellular.  Yes that's how long I've been a loyal customer [Again with arrogant pride as if ...]


Run on sentence alert:
Anywhoo, the competition was held at the Great Western Forum, former home of the LA Lakers and the genesis of this event happened  in Memphis in 2007 and spread nationwide in 2008 marking a new way to celebrate the gospel and church music genre.  It was hosted by Grammy winner Donald Lawrence and Lisa Kimmey-Winans.  Both were fantastic hosts.  Pre show there were Concourse activities like Karaoke, other performances and original artwork displayed.  As we waited 20 minutes for the show to begin, there were two jumbotrons that displayed a few hilarious Karaoke performances.  The background of the Karaoke area was the projection of a gospel choir so that when you watched each performer embarrass themselves on camera render us a selection, it appeared as though they were accompanied by a choir.  Great visual affect. The American Idol auditions pails in comparison to the Karaoke[rs] from last night.  Classic!  I only wish I had the forethought to use my Blackberry to videotape those folks to add visuals to this post.  Truely sidesplitting. Oh well.  The celebrity judges were Marvin Sapp and Trin-i-tee 5:7.  For those of you who don't know, these folks are gospel celebrities.


We got the hook up for real!  As we entered the building and walked down to floor seats in the front row.  I mean the artists could see the pupils of our eyes.  I am gushing about these seats [not because I've not experienced this before] but  because sometimes when folks offer comp tickets they are the boo boo seats [where binoculars are required].  I've experienced both types of "hook ups."  While the boo boo seats are appreciated, come on, floor/camera seats lead to better stories.  And I've discovered than when my men offer comp tickets the seats are a reflection of one's status in the relationship.  When women offer comps the seats are always the best in the house.  So thanks to G's friend Adrian to my left was Steveland Morris [Stevie Wonder] who sang his ass off gave us a brief selection, Rodney Jerkins [music producer] and to my right was Kelly Price who also sang her ass off gave us a brief selection as well.

I've been out of the music scene for many years.  My mom was a popular local gospel artist, I grew up singing in my 'young peoples' church choir called The Voices of Inspiration.  That experience opened many doors as we were perpetually requested to sing at local, churches, events.  Also from The Voices several secular artists/musicians were born and thrived in the music industry [those stories will make an interesting feature film one day. The politics of the Pentecostal denomination.  But I digress]. And many of my college friends started careers at record labels after graduation from which I benefited.  I randomly ran into one of my oldest friends, from that time, as the concert was ending.  That was a  pleasant surprise.  I made a new friend,  J [who let me eat many of her M&M's] and she's a brand new blogger.  Another surprise. Of course I'll tell her all about SITS when the reverberation of music isn't blaring into my ears.  But, again,  I digress.

At first I was concerned about having "camera seats" because people still stare at me when I walk by them and since the indoor and outdoor temperatures were chilly the muscles on my left side began to retract which causes my extremities[ hand,wrist,leg] curl into my body which makes me function and look like a severely handicapped person [no disrespect to the community]. I'm still learning to train my muscles to relax in all climates.  My muscles are always relaxed in warm weather which makes my mobility more normal.

But I must share the best surprise of the evening, in one of my earlier blogs I discussed my struggle with my faith and due to that struggle my self imposed exodus from church blah, blah, blah... How I constantly wept during praise and worship.  Well last night despite my positioning in the venue, I didn't get emotional at all!  The choirs were anointed and powerful but I didn't bawl out of control shed a tear.  I danced in my chair, the whole night, and cheered them on from my seat while everyone else took up around me partying.  Good for them! At the end of the show ALL choirs came to the stage [in a we are the world kind of way] to sing the final song.  My friends all stood up around me singing, clapping and swaying.  I sat there not wanting to look crazy since I can't clap, my rhythm is off, and my pitch and tone is off [this I found out at a Karaoke party.  Very embarrassing, but whatever].  I know you're saying stop blaming the stroke you probably could never carry a tune.  Actually I used to have a beautiful voice (boo hoo).

I thought I conquered this insecurity when another dear friend Dr. D took me house dancing months ago. And he danced with me as if I were doing the Cabbage Patch, the running man, the pent state and the whop.  Ugghrrr those dances have now played out.   Well he danced with me as if I had no impairments. But Noooooooooooo THAT didn't squelch my insecurity at all.  It made me more aware of my limitations.  So since then, I haven't gotten myself into situations where dancing, swaying, singing and clapping were in the midst.  Silly right?

However, G, as if she was sick of me just sitting there, pulled me to stand up to join everyone else in agreement and celebration of who we are in Christ.  I realized that I have forgotten to remember that!  That was the best thing I remembered who I am and no tears shed!!! The thing about being Christian is we are aware of the God that resides within us which makes us: The head, not the tail, Lenders not borrowers, Entrepreneurs, Healed/Healthy/Happy people, Highly Favored, Archivers, Winners, Sane, & Blessed.

Now why did I ever forget that? Temporary insanity?  Who knows?  Besides who cares, dance as if no one is watching...

Baby steps.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your fantastic evening!! With good seats to boot! What made me happiest was hearing about you dancing and the pure joy you experienced :D

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thanks for the visual. I felt like I was there with you Ms. Daley!!

  3. Enjoyed hearing about your evening...and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Beautiful!

    PS Thanks for stopping by on my special day!

  5. Sounds like a great night! Thanks for visiting me and sending me some great recs for my I give good blog award. I will keep those recommendations in mind. I know Carma and have already given her one actually!


  6. This is absolutely a beautiful post! I love the refections, humor and honesty in these words! If you ever get the time, perhaps you could submit a devo to Granola Bar Devotional!

  7. Wanted to stop by to say thank you for your kind words on my blog post; shared senses of humor are always good :D

    Please let me know how SITScation goes!

  8. I wanted to let you know that I've given you a blog award so, please stop by and collect it! :-)

  9. I don't know how I just stumbled across your blog, but . . . whatever. :-]

    My boyfriend and I just went to HSTS in Chicago a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun; I see that you had a great time, too. :-] Keep up the good blogging.

  10. Great post! I was all set to give you a 'lovely blog award' but see that you have one! I wanted to share this with you -- I used to be a great dancer, and that's one thing I really miss about being a 'gimpy' walker now -- not being graceful anymore or being able to rock a great pair of heels -- I can walk carefully on kitten heels but gingerly like an 80yr old lady -- we were at the wedding of a friend last year, and the music was just great -- live my husband and I used my cane by each holding onto the ends and I danced my fanny off that night without fear of falling. I stepped on his feet a bit but not a lot. I was SORE the next day in my back - bit it was totally worth it. Thanks for stopping by - come over again! PS: Oh, and Miracle on 34th Street? I have to watch it every Thanksgivng! (The original of course!) ;)



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