Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday rant! This is a long one ...

Happy Monday, today I'm celebrating another year of life as I'm transitioning to optimal health and wellness.

As it turns out using birth control pills for hormone therapy were not the only culprit to my having a stroke three years ago. My ignorance about not properly using food as medicine also contributed to my traumatic brain injury.

That being said I've drastically altered the things that I consume. And I seek knowledge from natural physicians and herbalist's. The information and resources are available for the taking. [It's just like when I sought information about real estate how to purchase it by using OPM, etc. it's there for health and wellness too. Now three houses & several tenants later I'm still on the path of setting up my retirement from the rat race. Now I'm figuring how to pay off my real estate debt. I haven't worked full time in three years. It's been interesting. I am pretty good with money and I've landed gigs around town here and there. It's transition time. As much as I love my current career, I'm considering a new one.

A) I was a sugar junkie, always grabbing for sweets instead of food. Now that all refined sugars are out of my home and the foods that I choose to eat, I crave sugar less and less. And I've been drinking Kangen/alkaline water for 6 months. There is a positive difference in the appearance of my skin, and in my digestion.

Quote: Disease cannot live and breed in an environment that is alkaline. When the body is acidic that is when we become ill. The idea is to saturate your system with alkaline water. Our bodies are about 80% water and the skin is the largest membrane on our bodies. When we see change that is an indication of either healing or purging.

*I became a product junkie as a result of the toxins being eradicated from my body and the blemishes appearing on my face. Well I couldn't have THAT so I became obsessed with organic products to cover what I was correcting with food. Yes I have some before pictures but will not post them until I see the after affect of my hard work on myself.

B) My western doctors have told me that I'll have to take Coumadin and Plavix for the rest of my life. Both anticoagulants [ blood thinners]. I believe that western medicine and Pharmaceutical companies do not have our best interest in their minds. They want to be paid for prescribing toxins that slowly kill us.

C) Praise the lord that I've not taken Coumadin for over a year and I've been off Plavix for 7 months. And I'm still here! That is due to God's grace and infinite wisdom. The wisdom he's given me to seek alternatives to toxic drugs!! Now I eat foods with natural anticoagulants, ones rich with iron, and snacks with natural fats and sugars. PLEASE DON'T USE MY PERSONAL DIARY AS AN EXCUSE FOR YOU NOT TO CONSULT YOUR OWN PHYSICIANS BUT AGAIN, I'M SHARING WHAT I KNOW IS TRUE FOR ME.

My organic bible
Dark leafy greens: Kale, spinach, mustard greens, dandelion, collards [in moderation], zucchini, broccoli, parsley, oregano
Nuts: Raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts
Beets, yams, Roma tomatoes
Quinoa [pronounced keen-waah] to replace wheat.
If I eat rice only Basmati rice, or black rice
Poulenta, grits
Tempeh, Satan
Dill, thyme, rosemary, sea salt, white pepper, Cheyenne pepper, curry, oregano, parsley
Agave nectar to replace sugar and syrups
Veganase never mayonnaise.
Braggs liquid amino's to replace soy sauce
Red onions
Apple cider vinegar
Milk: Rice, coconut, hemp - no longer Soy - never animal
Oils: EVOO extra virgin olive oil
sesame oil is good
*Cold pressed, organic coconut oil is the best for everything: hair, skin, foods

Canola oil is industrial not meant for human consumption. Soy was also created to be industrial.

I eat Quinoa [pronounced keen-waah] to replace wheat. If I eat rice only Basmati rice, or black rice, Poulenta, grits, Tempeh, Satan.

Teeth: hydrogen peroxide for whitening, brushing- never anything with Fluoride, baking soda or natural herbal tooth powders like: Cloves, Neem Bark, Cats Claw & Julgans Nigera.

I'm a sushi nut, I decided to cut that back quite a bit due to the amounts of Mercury. That was tougher than sugar!

D) One week ago I started a 28 day herbal cleanse for parasite removal. I found that the grinding of my teeth at night was a sure sign of parasitic activity. By taking my concoction of herbs I'm less hungry and am more regular [sexy hun?]. After this last moon [menstrual] cycle I've already noticed regularity and less pain. Happy birthday to me.

Thank the sweet lord for herbalist's and natural physicians!!

For a simple tithing of my time to hear a 6 hour lecture on health & wellness in food and herbs, I'm a happily informed and powerful camper. I'm armed with books, audio recordings and unprecedented access to my coaches. That's where relationship building skills factor in. I've taken control over my own health.

If nothing else today's blog is a celebration of life and encouragement for you to take control of your own health as well. Read the packages of products and foods before you purchase and ingest. The information is available for the taking just seek it out, take the time!!

Ignorance isn't bliss it's killing us all slowly. Library cards are free. And independent radio stations like NPR and KPFK are the lifeblood of society. Let your car become drive time university.

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  1. Happy Birthday!! - when I clicked on your profile I actually noticed it was a year older and then I read down to this post. Why, I'm quite the detective :D

    I commend you on all that you are doing to attain optimum health. I am a vegetarian- have been for over 20 years-- but there is sooooo much I could be doing to eat better. BTW If you are looking for a good price on pine nuts, we buy then at BJ's wholesale club; I've never seen them so 'inexpensive' - well 'inexpensive' as far as pine nuts are concerned. We put them in lots of dishes. Are you avoiding soy due to the hormonal issues? I've read good and bad about it. I drink soy milk everyday, but just with my cereal. Aren't you glad you have now learned all these exciting things about me ;-)



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