Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Rise early, work late and strike oil"

The title of this post is allegedly the formula for success from Paul J Getty.   My skepticism comes from my research that John D. Rockefeller was the originator of this as well.  Regardless of it's origin, I like it!

What about the knowledge of oil? Seeking knowledge is like striking oil.

Maracuja Oil **Argan Oil**Marula Oil**Bio Oil**Coconut Oil**Olive Oil**Jojoba Oil - what is one to do?

Any type of oil that you put upon your skin should completely and quickly absorb and easily leaving no greasy residue. If any oil layers on the surface of your skin is because THAT oil is infused with toxins such as "fragrance" and "other natural ingredients."

I grew up using baby oil. The one with the pink top - we all have used that oil.  Thinking this was the only type of topical oil to use whenever my skin was dry, I didn't know any better. Baby oil has mineral oil AND fragrance.  In spite of the horror stories that you may have read about or heard about it, mineral oil is not harmful to apply.  The reason it is taboo in the environmentally conscious world is because it is a liquid by product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline.  When you hear this you [like I] immediately thought that there is no way I am rubbing gasoline on my body. Well, [my environmental brothers and sisters please don't hate me but] you are not using gasoline, without getting geeky on you with my background studying chemistry @ my university I'll break it down for you.  When reading labels of products, It is always the "fragrance" and the "other natural ingredients" that you should worry about.  Those are misleading.

Not all mineral oils are made equal but it is a ubiquitous product.  It is odorless, colorless and can be purchased cheaply at your local drug store. It is used in cell culture [petri dishes], veterinary uses [livestock vaccine], found in many cosmetics, food preparation, and for mechanical and industrial purposes. The later is what freaks most people out.  And rightly so because anything I use under the hood of my car I'd never put on my body - and neither should you!

As a stroke survivor I still have issues with the function of my left side.  When I walk the toes on my left foot always curl up in my shoes.  Less so when I wear sandals and flip flops but my body still thinks it must protect itself from a fall so my brain tells my body when I walk that there is a need for balance.  When I wear closed toe shoes of any kind and my toes curl in a gripping motion the knuckles rub against the fabric or leather after several hours of this it causes them to discolor with the appearance of corns.  Since I have pretty feet [yeah I said it] that will never do.

After some research on preventative skin discoloration and discoloration reversal, I found Bio Oil to be the best solution for me to use twice a day every day for as long as it takes to have my toes revert back to the proper color.  I am happy to say that the yellow knuckle discoloration [making it appear that I had corns] is completely gone!!  Bio Oil contains mineral oil, is non greasy and quickly absorbs into my skin. It's been three months and I am so happy I had to blog.  I live in a climate that permits me to wear open toed shoes more often than not so my feet must be cute 24/7.  Bio Oil ingredients.

My vanity sparked this test, however I must direct you to read more about this subject here.  And I must tell you that results vary so read about truly natural oils on your own time and find what is best for you.  My favorites are Argan and Coconut Oil because both do wonders for beauty and nutrition and both are 100% organic.

For those of you who care about the condition of your feet either because you survived a stroke or you just like to be well groomed, I can offer you the suggestion to be your own litmus test, try things out, take before and after photos, know there are no limitations to your recovery, all does not go down hill. Put away the corn pads.

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