Monday, February 15, 2010

The spirit of Julie & Julia - the results

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For the past several days I've been blogging at my other site Essential Bindi posting food recipes from foodie blogs that I stalk.  I don't have any sensational tales of spills or fires however I'm happy to report that all of these ladies are truly talented, the dishes they dream up are creative and finger licking good.  I must admit to not being consistent with cooking/blogging food every day only because I don't enjoy cooking every day. [If there is enough I do enjoy left overs day two.]  Now that I've tried them, I look forward to making some of these dishes for my family and friends.

Here is what I chose to cook with modifications for my lifestyle:

From Live.Love.Eat - Penne with sausage and Escarole 

From Peas Love Carrots - French green bean salad

From eatwritethink - Creamy corn on the cob - This dish made my house smell like creamy sweet corn with masala for a few hours.

From my imagination - ahem [clearing throat]
Grain meat vegetable wraps

Since I have not seen Julie and Julia yet, I have no clue how the Amy Adams' character 'Julie' blogged her results.  So I chose to use proper etiquette by linking to the ladies' respective sites.

If you have a hum drum food repertoire, let me encourage you to stalk your favorite food blogs to gain inspiration.  Its fun, educational and can involve the entire family.

My next food genre to stalk - desserts.


  1. I'm staying tuned for the desserts! When it comes to dessert...let's just say I'm ....well, weak!:-)

  2. unfortunately "hum drum" more than sums up my usual food repertoire. If only I had someone like Oprah's chef to cook for me; I really like healthy dishes - just too lazy to cook 'em most nights...

  3. My husband is on a low carb diet, and I'm finding the change to be flexing my creative food making abilities!

    I've made pulled pork, seared tuna and smothered bunless hamburgers! It has been fun and cooking is way easier w/o the carbs!

  4. I'm off to stalk... and hopefully someone will invite me to dinner!! ;0)

  5. I love recipes with veggies! I'm going to check this out! And desserts??????? Oh my!

  6. This is just what I needed! I was thinking just this morning how I desperately needed some new recipes. Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Dale!! thanks for stopping by at my blog! You're blog is very substantial, and I have just read a few like yours. You have a very interesting life, a true survivor and still struggling with life....I will follow your blog...

    Anyway, I have seen Julie & Julia. There are some part of Julie that I can relate to when it comes to blogging, and of course cooking. I got interested with Julia Child, not actually with her recipes, but about her food and cooking philosophies. I miight just buy her book.

    About me, yeah I havent really made a profile of myself yet. havent thought of it, till you asked. I am a medicine student, currently on leave from my hospital duties. So to unwind, I cook, I eat,travel locally and abroad, and blog. I'll be on duty for the next months, so I am just grabbing the opportunity to do everything I love at the moment.... Have a Good day!!



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